We are a large group of gaming CG design professionals specializing in real-time 3DCG.
With superior advantages in our quality, quantity, and productivity,
we provide the best graphics solution to various gaming contents.


We specialize in real-time 3DCG for games. Our services meet various graphic needs from photorealism to cel-shading.


Our services include producing light and economical assets such as concept art and character with an optimum design for the content.


From Smartphone to High-End Content

Produces 2DCG & 3DCG, specializing in real-time 3DCG. We offer flexible services from small to large projects, from low to high-end contents for smartphones to social games and the latest gaming units including design, modeling, and animation in the form of the best graphics asset for each user environment.

The Best Textbook for Mastering Maya

Autodesk Maya Training Book Fourth Edition

This Maya textbook was authored and supervised by Bauhaus Entertainment, a group of working professionals in gaming software development. It contains on-site knowledge and uses case studies and demonstration data to describe the processes required in Maya’s CG production.


Gaming CG Production Achievements

We have been involved in the development of many popular gaming software titles and hardware extending over a wide range of genres and received high recognition in high-end modeling as well as real-time cutscene and animation production.


From Smartphone to High-End Content


Gaming CG Production Achievements